Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I like to laugh, and I'm generally happy. I'm a tender, caring and sensitive person, with a good sense of humour, who makes friends easily. Love animals, and have 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The 3 of us enjoy walks along the beach. I also enjoy small group get togethers; camping, especially the internet with a few adult sites in my fav's like Big Boob Pass from my ex, lol, i still check them out, now that hes left me for some younger girl, with nicer tits i guess ...bitch!.I also like dining out and going to the theatre occassionally. I love listening to music of all types, especially from the 60's. I'm looking for someone who can show affection easily, and has a GSOH. but i guess this will never happen for me lol

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I've added a thumbnail link to one of my favorite pics, one of the CN Tower (which I don't particularly recommend visiting based on the horrible experience my friend and traveling companion had). It is right downtown next to both the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the Rogers Centre (formerly known as the SkyDome), which were the two facilities where most AA events took place during the International Convention. In this picture, the the white dome to the left of the tower is the SkyDome and the long low whitish building just to the right of the tower is the MTCC, I think.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I was bored and in need of spending of few bucks (well not in need so much as I am stuck in all my games and want another til' I can get through to the next part.). So I went down to Toys R Us. Maripa does night shifts there so I happened to find her at the service center and proceed to stick my face up against the window until she noticed with a sigh of grief. Hee hee hee. Nah, she accually liked me visiting I think. After chatting with her a few minutes on how I shouldn't be a dumbass by using my old black hair color (which I did, and it didn't stay), I went to the games section and picked up State of Emergency. Maripa called me lame for buying an "old" game, but I don't have it and it looked cool (you riot and it's made by the peeps who did GTA!). Brought it home and spent a good couple hours killing people blah blah blah video game violence type deal. Joe Liberman would be rolling in his grave right now if he weren't still alive! Damn technicalities!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hey! Booshoo! How was your weekend? Mine was alright, didn't do too much, but still managed to keep busy. On Saturday, we were invited to a birthday party for a little girl. It was cute, a Barbie theme. My kids enjoyed it, and so did I. I got to spend some time with my friend, Cindy. Then Saturday night we went grocery shopping. Today, was Mickey D's and the mall. Curtis is gone fishing.

I am trying to get off my lazy...I'm trying to get UNlazy. I have beadwork to do. My kids are all getting along fine, Charis hangs out with them constantly and is off my foot. *G* She follows her brother around alot, and if he pretends to cry, she starts crying too. Ah, siblings! She seems alot happier, and I hope against hope that Curtis will not use that excuse to want to have another baby! *L* I've just got back into shape! Well, whatever shape I can possibly take after having three kids! *L* I am one of those dieters. I watch what I eat, and try to take smaller portions. It seems to be working, as all my jeans have gotten bigger. I think genetics have a lot to do with it too.

The house...I shouldn't get excited about it, there is some kind of technicality that we are worried about. Can a mortgage company pay our down payment for us and say that it is a gift from Grandpa, as it is family we are buying the house from? That is the question. Is that legal? I'm looking on the internet for this answer...

I was thinking about a 'karma' story when I was reading about Mick's 'karma'!! *G* I don't know if I wrote about this little story
but here it is.

The Change Machine That Thought It Was A Slot Machine

OR "Kathy's Shame"

One time, late at night, I was driving down the road and happened to be driving by those do-it-yourself carwashes. I need some change for a call, so I stopped to use the change machine. I threw in a dollar, expecting four quarters back. Instead I got forty-four quarters back. I was stunned. What to do? I looked to see if anyone was around. I took it. I'm ashamed! *hanging head in shame* I kept thinking about it all week! The next week, I was driving home, thinking "I need money for doing laundry, I better stop." So I stopped at the same carwash. I put in a ten dollar bill, thinking I would get forty quarters back. You know, how much I got back? That's right. FOUR quarters! I felt redeemed! And not in the least bad. But I never went back to that carwash.

I watched "Last of the Mohicans" last night. That is one of my favorite movies! It was on the FX Network. That is one movie I would like to have in my movie collection. That's enough of my rambling for now....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Legend of Will hang - Episode 4
Will hang was with ground. Inert. The dimension of mesh still smoked. Only the breath of the breeze made move its hair. Carlotta, its mare was beside him, reniflait it and neighed slightly as taken by the fear of awaking it but L’envies qu’it awakes. It typed the ground of its shoe, just beside the head, meaning to him thus that L’hour had come for him to turn over to the castle, than its people were going to be made bad blood S’they did not see it returning soon.
In fact, it was different. L’announces death of the Pendra lord would cause jubilation and joy in the farmyard. Children N’would be more afraid, Curdenave would not fear more the lightnings of its Master S’it was able to him not to succeed in making this qu’it asked him, Eystair N’would have pus to undergo the attacks of her husband, every night, because even S’he it was his wife, it L’had not chosen. Its marriage had been decided by his/her parents who L’had so to speak sold in Pendra which sought a young woman for the nuptials. She was fifteen years old lorsqu’they convolèrent. Two years. An eternity.
A small man vêtu of let us haillons S’approached. It was dirty, its odor would have is enough to make beat a retreat all the armies of Roy D’Spain. Its face was eaten by a cankered beard, its hands full with cracks are inflated, its black and long nails. The few rare teeth which decorated its mouth yellow and were rotted. It had the covered feet of scars sanguinolentes. Hairy feet. Small. The dwarf however had L’œit sharp and always in alarm. He was in the underwood lorsqu’he saw L’flash striking Pendra. He S’sheltered rain, not being able to seek bays or mushrooms for his meal. C’was a poor devil which the lords around took for simple D’spirit. It seizes Pendra by the dimension of mesh and hoisted certainly it with difficulties, but force and strength on the saddle of its mare. It took the reins in its right hand and applied L’different to the face of the horse, speaking to him gently during long minutes. Carlotta reacted to the words of the dwarf, its ears bent down and went up. It was calm. When the small man drew on the go along, it was let make and followed its guide as S’it S’acted of Will hang itself. It left for a destination qu’it was unaware of, Pendra lying across the saddle. The dwarf took paths on which horse N’would have any difficulty in progress, not wanting to risk that its loading did not fall.
They went thus close D’one hour under the gusts of wind of wind and rain which S’were not calmed.

The Legend of Will hang - Episode 3
The progression became increasingly complicated. The branches shingled the face of Will hang which S’did not stop therefore. It S’was fixed a goal and hoped L’to reach before the end of the night. Well qu’it knew by Cœur the least path, it S’stopped time with other to take stock. It dominated the first buttresses of the mounts D’Aurès, the path of stone became a furious torrent on which its horse maintained a balance precarious. A large branch descended the slope under L’effect D’a change of wind and Carlotta rua, désarçonnant its rider. This one entered a black fury. It went back on the feet and asséna violent one blows of fit with the poor animal terrorized by the elements which broke out. Plus it struck its poor chestnut horse, plus this one ruait. It became impossible for Pendra to go up its horse under these conditions. The wind blew in storm, the branches with the trees torn off, fell that and there in a sinister cracking. The rain still redoubled violence and the flashes which illuminated the sky brought closer the hill on which Pendra was perched. It warned a renardeau lost without his protective mother. It S’amused to drive out it. L’animal, descended the slope ventre.à.terre. Will hang started from thundering and sound sound loud laugh good. It had been said that the wind and the storm answered him in echo, because the flashes precipitated on the hill. The first trees S’set ablaze, giving to the place an appearance sorcery. Will hang still faced a few moments L’storm. The trees S’ignited, the flames went up high in the sky. The large drops of rain were not enough to extinguish this fire.
L’flash took it then qu’it tried to assemble Carlotta. Terrorized, this one was concealed with each new attempt. Will hang had gone to seek a heavy stick of which it assénait violent one blows on the sides of the poor animal. This one started to bleed, a stronger blow, more malicious, plus ragor qu’another had burst the skin of L’chestnut horse. L’animal refused obstinately that its Master goes up to him above. It turned around him, and well qu’it had the reins in hand, it was unable to make him hear reason. L’animal ruait and became threatening for the Master. N will hang’had at this time more any control on its mare. Better, it seemed to him that this one gave him L’order to leave it in peace, qu’it did not want more him on its back, that its load was too heavy and that Pendra S’would turn over from there to the castle to feet.
L’flash took it. Quickly, it was not qu’an incandescent ball. It had an ultimate thought for Eystair, his young wife and threw herself in an imposing puddle pool which S’was formed, and fell into L’unconsciousness.

Pervent - Winner of the contest of the vagrants of Ventadour
As each time, the Dispatch publishes the history of that which gained the contest of the vagrants of Ventadour:

Pervent was born twenty years ago in the Léonarde countryside, in Brittany. It is of athletic: it measures 1m80 for 77kg. Its hair its brown and its eyes of a green emerald. Its glance is sharp, its sure step.
It speaks little, but always advisedly. It is curious, it likes to learn and help his friends. Its principal defect is its hardness towards itself and the others, like its mistrust quasi-psychotic: without being rancorous, it does not forgive and grants its confidence only to few privileged people.

He is the junior by a family by seven children, three girls and four boys. His/her mother worked with the fields for noble, while his/her father was fishing. During the first eight years of its life, it did not miss anything: he had a roof and water of the River mouths was rich in fish and crabs.

Its life rocked one morning of spring, one Tuesday exactly. This day there of the gangsters wandering reflect the village with fire and blood, plundering, killing and stealing the little of goods which inhabitants had. When they set out again the village was in ashes.
Only the men and some wire left to fishing survived this carnage. Among them Pervent and its father, the remainder of the family had remained at the village...

Having very lost, Pervent and its father decided to take the road until finding an area surer controlled by a lord more worried by safety of its subjects. They skirted the Atlantique coast towards the south, living of their fishing and the hospitality of the villagers whom they met.

But no village seemed saved by the plunderers. Pervent thus followed his/her father on the road Breton and Vendean until its death, a few months ago of the continuation of a badly neat wound.

From now on only, the young fisherman carried on his road, but quickly lassitude gained it. After all at twenty years one can still found his family!

While arriving at Ventadour, it did not want any more courage or to carry on its way of vagrant. It felt at his place, in a village of fishermen. It was a shack and started to gain some under while going to fish.

Of course it still remains to him to prove reliable within its new community, but its experiment could serve it...

Assistance with the Vagrants with Ventadour
After an interview with Alda, person in charge for the Vagrants of Ventadour as well as Damne_Ned, it appears that the principal problem encountered near the vagrants is the spiritual retirement.

Kelemval: As are a person in charge for the vagrants, which your methods to approach them? And to help them?

Alda: First of all, it should be said that I am not only the person in charge, I do nothing but compensate Dame_Ned which created the contest of the vagrants in order to justify them but I must say that it is not obvious.

We send mails to each one to present the contest and I as made a standard mail as I sent to each vagrant to explain what it was to do in order to evolve/move as soon as possible.

To find them, I make the turn of the village and I use also the forum when they come to be presented.

With the system of sponsorship the task should be less heavy but it seems that the vagrants are difficult, makes some much are in retirement.

For my part it also sometimes happened to me to repair even some of them when they come to ask it to me in their giving money but it is not absolutely necessary of one minority, my godsons in fact.

The Persons in charge near the Vagrants do not spare their efforts to come to them to assistance, for proof here a standard letter of the message sent to each Vagrant:


A small summary the vagrants must:

- To read the guide of the play as well as the FAQ

- to be registered on the forum by creating its account attention to put a misadventure and the same name as that which you have in the RR.

- To eat bread or two bags of corn (attention it is not enough to buy it it should also be used!!! what means that the products bought on the market is found in your inventory and that it is necessary to click on using to eat it)

- To work at least two days with the church in order to obtain the two points of reputation which they need.

- To exchange points of confidence to obtain 3(attention from it we have only two point of confidence to exchange per week, to grant its confidence it is enough to click on the name of the person her card appears it is then necessary to click on granting its confidence and here) You can be registered on the market of Ventadour to also exchange points on the topic "the tavern".

- to always keep two ecus minimum price or one can sell bread to you and thus to avoid you dying of hunger in the event of souci.(il is possible to eat one day out of two)

- to inform itself at the village in the heading town hall.

- not to hesitate to ask of the assistance in the tavern or to the following people by mail

- Alda
- Dame_Ned
- the mayor

- a contest for the vagrants is organized each week on the forum market of Ventadour. Be registered there. You can gain a point of confidence and one more...

- a place where to document itself:

Here, I hope that that will enable you to evolve/move as well as possible. To pass on level 1 it is necessary you to collect 90 ecus and 5 Points of Reputation (PR), but I advise you to have at least 110 to see 120écus before making your request which is made to the adviser of the Count in duché/château:rencontrer the adviser of the Count


With these councils, it is obvious that the Inhabitants of Ventadour will multiply!

Moreover with the elections approaching with great step, this subject will be a factor determining for the results.

How can one better do qu’Alda to come to them to assistance? It is difficult to answer that because it would constantly be necessary to be behind each one D’between them and that would ask for a personal investment and a mobilization of enormous people.

L’future will say to us if the Vagrants appreciate the councils D’Alda, D’elsewhere J’invites any vagrant consulting this newspaper to contact me to discuss it! After all, if I can also come to him to assistance, that formed part of the Duties of very good citizen.

The sky was dark. Large black clouds were detached on the blue fabric from the night. L’storm was close. The wind blew and the trees bent under its violence. The elements broke out. Then the rain came, fine and cold. It streamed already the paving stone of the lanes of Ventadour, carrying with it any kind of light trophies, sheets’D trees and branches, too fragile insects to resist and which N’had not had time to put themselves to L’shelter in the holes.
Will hang put itself in saddle. Its decision was made, nothing could not make it change D’opinion. It would go, like every morning, to make its ride. It would pass by the go up D’Aurès and the narrow part D’Arpinion, and there would go up on the peak to contemplate the valley. It ordered in Curdenave to open the heavy wood gate to him of oak. This one, essuyant the blood which poured him jaw and cheeks S’carried out after a fashion. The poor boy was weak. He thought that Pendra was a malicious and sadistic Master, but he kept his feelings for him. Although N’not having been pilot L’accident of his/her young comrade a little earlier, the new S’was widespread like powder trail in all the castle and he did not want to undergo the same fate. He opened the gate after many attempts and let his Master leave au.grand.galop towards the hills and the meadows, under a rain which fell thick now.
Will hang was happy. He seemed to him qu’he dominated the world perched over his chestnut horse. This splendid horse had been given to him by Roy, in thanks of the battle of Casteron Là, Pendra and its valiant army had put in rout L’enemy and L’had tracked not to leave any survivor. Pitiless lord of war, hard with the evil, extremely with L’sword and invincible with naked hand, such was Pendra.
He overlapped good train under the rain. The horse had time with other of the evil to be held correctly in the gullies dug by the carts of peasants, but D’a blow of judicious heel, Pendra would give the horse on the way in an energetic way. The flashes streaked the sky with the distance, the mounts D’Aurès were invisible so much the rain from now on hindered L’œit. But Pendra S’did not trouble any and carried on its road towards destination qu’it S’was fixed.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ali Mc Beal
To write on love and the relations in love is a difficult exercise. Especially when one does not have in love in its life. It appears that to have a relation, it should be wanted very extremely really.

This evening, the only thing that I wanted was me to find only with Ally. Nothing is able to touch me as much as these characters of tele series which doubt to find heart Sœur in existence. Of the heroes who are not afraid to affirm that they will perhaps never find the great love. Ally McBeal is me.

But why is it so hard to fall in love ? I am posed and rests the question without managing to find answer. That points out to me announces to a guy that likes cumshots read a few days ago. I do not know already any more if were in free or on an Internet site. It had written : " would like to find a relation stable, to live with quelthat one of calms. But I believe in it more in this world of tared and bad colds the cock, this world homosexual which became for me a curse ". I think that this guy there does not have twists and that it knew to translate into spaces of two sentences the truth of the world in which we live today. And you will never guess his first name : Ali.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Did you know that you can make money on the internet without ever selling anything? There are very few home based business opportunities that are easier or cost less than affiliate marketing. There are businesses and people earning thousands of dollars each year doing affiliate marketing.

The business plan is simple.
Your clients are already established online businesses selling a wide array of products and services. You get paid for bringing customers to your client which is the website you are an affiliate for. You then get paid either a set fee or a percentage of what the customer buys. Some affiliate programs also pay for every time someone clicks through.

The opportunities for affiliate marketing are numerous and growing every single day. Here is how it works. The affiliate places a banner or link advertisement on their website and every time a customer clicks through from the affiliate website to the merchant site and makes a purchase the affiliate earns a commission.

It is not that difficult to find affiliate programs because it has become so profitable and popular as an internet marketing tool that almost everyone seems to be doing it. This does not mean you should settle for just any affiliate program. It is important to choose a program that is at least somewhat relevant to your website or business. This way you have the best possible chance of your customers clicking through to the affiliate website. For example, if you sell cameras or photography equipment you might join an affiliate program with a company that sells photography books.

Be sure to read the affiliate contract carefully. While there are excellent legitimate affiliate programs out there it seems there is always somebody trying to rip you off while making a quick buck. You can avoid these scams if you review affiliate agreements carefully and go with your gut about whether a website or program is legitimate.

The great thing about an affiliate marketing home business is that you are not limited to doing only one affiliate program. You can sign on with as many programs as you want as long as you have room on your website to place their banner or link.

Here are some tips for finding a good affiliate program.

1. Will the product appeal to your customers?

2. How much does the merchant pay and for what do they pay? Click throughs? Purchases?

3. Do they pay only for the first purchase or do they give you a percentage of all future purchases by that customer?

4. How frequently are commissions paid? This information should be in the affiliate agreement.

5. Does the merchant provide access to view your account on a regular basis so you can see how the program is doing?

With some good research you can find the right affiliate programs for your home based business website and in no time you will be making money simply for referring customers from your website.

To your success!
One of the common issues that marketers face when using Google Adwords, is that the use of popups on the target page for their ad is not permitted. Many Adwords advertisers just completely remove popups from their web site, which can not only significantly damage the profitability that results from other traffic sources, but, as we shall see, it is also not entirely necessary. This article looks at alternative solutions, which when implemented can virtually double the ROI (Return On Investment) for Adwords ads.

It is well recognized that by capturing the visitor's email address, and then following up with them via an effective auto-responder campaign, marketers can more than double their chances of clinching the sale. Popups can be a very effective way of doing this, often helping to convert 50% of more of visitors to subscribers.

With Google Adwords however, because popups are not permitted, you need to look for other ways in which you can maximize the visitor-to-subscriber conversion ratio, and thereby also maximize the value you get out of each click-through to your web site.

Here are three main ways in which you can do this:

1. Set your target page for your ad as a so-called 'name squeeze' page - this means the whole page you direct them to is focussed on one thing, to get their name and email address, following which you can always redirect them to your normal sales page to try and 'make the sale'. You still need to make sure of course that your ad accurately reflects your target page.

As an example of how to do this, let's say you sell cheap widgets, and your ad is displayed for the keywords 'cheap widgets'. Write a report or an ebook on 'How To Choose The Best Cheap Widget' and offer it for free on your name squeeze page, in return for their email address.

2. Use a special type of popup that doesn't actually display in a new browser window, but 'hovers' over your existing web page - this type of popup is not detected by Google (nor for that matter can they be prevented by popup blocker technology), and works in a similar way to dynamic menus, which of course are perfectly permissable. I have been using this type of popup very successfully for many months in conjunction with Adwords.

3. Put popups on other pages - Google does not stipulate that you should no popups on your web site, only on the target page for your ad. This means that if your target page encourages visitors to click through to other areas of your web site, you can add put popups on these other pages to help capture your visitors email address.

For example, if you have a long sales letter, try splitting it up onto two or more pages. Your popup(s) can be placed on any of the other pages. I use PopUpMaster Pro to ensure that the popup does not appear if certain links are pressed - this means that you don't show the popup to visitors who click through to read other pages of the sales letter or to order, but otherwise (if they leave your web site) you show them an exit popup to try and grab their email address before they are 'lost forever'.

Use one of the above methods, and you should find that you capture the details of many more visitors who click through from your Google Adwords ad - and by doing this, together with an effective autoresponder campaign, your return on your ad could greatly increase too.